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From the Founder

Five years ago, I had an idea for a new website – not exactly a journalistic venture, but something more than a blog. It would be a place for thought pieces and in-depth analyses of the goings-on in America and the world. I didn’t have time in my life back then to dedicate as much as this project required, but the idea stewed in the back of my mind for years. During the vicious 2016 presidential election cycle, my simmering idea became a daily fixation; with every bit of news and hysteria, the idea crescendoed into an incessant, unignorable clanging that I had to address. Eventually, the idea boiled over and Critical Dissonance was born.

I wanted a place where it was okay - even encouraged - to use critical thought to combat cognitive dissonance. A place where it was safe to recognize the hypocrisy inherent in lambasting Senator Obama for his arrogance and lack of experience in 2008 while celebrating the braggadocio and inexperience of Mr. Trump in 2016. A platform where it was a good thing to believe that Senator Schumer’s openly antagonistic, obstructionist tactics are horrific without saying Senator McConnell’s openly antagonistic, obstructionist tactics over the last eight years were heroic. A site to argue that leaks during the Obama administration were acts of treason or heroism without subsequently praising or condemning leaks during the Trump administration. I wanted a way to amplify voices that are logical, articulate, empathetic, passionate, respectful, and principled without resorting to whataboutism.

I reached out to a few friends and acquaintances from all sides of the political spectrum who demonstrated a knack for sound, civil discourse. I was overwhelmed by the positive response. Much more quickly and more energetically than I could have hoped, Critical Dissonance came together. The name is a mix between something sorely lacking in political discourse today – critical thought and analysis, and something painfully present everywhere you look – cognitive dissonance.

On this site, you will certainly find viewpoints with which you disagree. You will probably find arguments you appreciate. You may even find perspectives you've never considered. This is by intention. I've asked people to join this site not because I agree with their opinions - most of them I quite disagree with - but because they consistently and politely argue their views through logic and reason. As we continue to expand this site, we will stay focused on communicating our viewpoints and perspectives with empathy, respect, and clear principles.

On behalf of the Editorial Board and the whole CriDis team, I hope you enjoy this site as a refreshing alternative to the din of the many echo chambers around you. If you’d like to join us, please drop us a note!

Welcome to CriDis.

-Micah Ables, April 2017