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About Us

Critical Dissonance. Our name is a fusion of two concepts – one sorely lacking in modern discourse and the other distressingly common: critical thought and cognitive dissonance. Our goal is to promote the former and combat the latter. This website is a platform for us to challenge each other and ourselves as engaged, informed, civic-minded citizens. We hope to challenge you, too.

At CriDis, we engage in critical thought without hysteria or panic or what-about-ism. We make statements based on objective facts. We refuse to be trapped in false dichotomies or retreat to tribal allegiances. While we seek to show both sides of every issue, we do not hedge harsh realities with “yes, but” equivocations to shift the blame or soften the blow. The articles on this site end with periods or exclamation marks – they end full stop. We actively avoid cognitive dissonance. We believe that what is bad for the goose is equally bad for the gander.

Articles written here will communicate through empathy, respect, and principle. We will always seek to understand the other side(s). We will always engage respectfully, even when critiquing or disagreeing. We will always derive conclusions from principles, keeping in mind that empathizing with and respecting others does not necessitate appeasement, abandoning convictions, or forsaking principles. Although it is increasingly rare, it is absolutely possible to empathize with someone, respectfully debate them, and agree or disagree based on principled reasoning. Here at CriDis, we seek to do this every day as we challenge ourselves and each other; we hope you’ll join us. Welcome to CriDis.