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Patriotism, Protest, and Pigskins

Published by D. Michael Johnston
on Wednesday 27 September 2017

Our banner, the Stars and Stripes, is heavily symbolic in its appearance, but even more so in its representation of our nation and our ideals.

Military Misogyny: A Deeply Engrained Issue

Published by Colin Raunig
on Friday 8 September 2017

Though hardly acceptable in the 21st century, military misogyny still riddles the ranks. One hard look is all you need to ascertain that it's long past time for some serious change.

Shelter From The Storm

Published by Sulev Grant Sepp
on Wednesday 6 September 2017

Houston offers the United States lessons not just in infrastructure but in… refugee policy?

Evil is Evil: Antifa and the Nazis, Parallel Perils

Published by Samuel Wharton
on Thursday 31 August 2017

Antifa is a movement dedicated to "stopping facism" but has no qualms with adopting facist tactics and ideas.  They are no better than the fascists they claim to fight against.

The Myths of Transgender Military Service

Published by A.J. Shattuck
on Tuesday 29 August 2017
Photo of the White House

"If you are willing to risk your life for our country and you can do the job, you should be able to serve—no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation." - Senator Tammy Duckworth, (D-IL)

The Stigma Against Skilled Labor: Replace Free College with Trade Schools

Published by D. Michael Johnston
on Thursday 24 August 2017

The answer to rising college costs does not lie in government funding; we should be encouraging people to attend trade schools for meaningful careers and less debt.

The New Social Contract

Published by Gabe Royal
on Tuesday 22 August 2017

In America, has prosperity and false patriotism led to a new social contract - one where civic apathy is acceptable?

Leverage: China, Russia, and the future of Kim Jong-Un

Published by Timothy Hoffman
on Thursday 17 August 2017

The United States should look beyond Kim Jong-un’s threats and lean on China and Russia.

The Battle of Charlottesville: Fighting Back against the Alt-Right

Published by David Douglas
on Tuesday 15 August 2017
A logo for the 1997 University of Virginia Football Program

White-nationalist terrorists attempted to "Unite the Right" by invading Charlottesville, but instead united the "Right" and "Left" against their hateful message. Plus, they made Virginians angry, which is never a good idea...

Transgender in the Military

Published by Benjamin Jimenez
on Saturday 5 August 2017

President Trump's TWITORD (order via twitter) has several implications for currently serving transgender service members and for military leadership.